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To celebrate our blog reaching its next thousand, we are having a big giveaway as a way to thank our followers. We want you all to know we love each and every one of you and that we are so thankful to you for being so wonderful to us! Thank you for celebrating Taylor’s ass with us :) 

To enter this giveaway all you have to do is reblog this post (likes do not count). Other than that the giveaway will have very little rules, other than the fact you must be following us - and trust me, we will check! However, you can reblog it as often and as many times as you like, the more times the higher your chances! 

This giveaway will have three winners (to be drawn at random), and the winners will get to choose their prizes based on which place they come. The prizes are split into four categories (as shown above) based on the value of the items. Each place will be allocated a certain number of items from each category, that they will get to pick, this is to ensure that winners do not receive items that they do not want/already have. 

All questions about the giveaway can be asked here and answers to questions about the giveaway can be found here.

This giveaway has a value of over $600 (when purchased in Australia). It is also a worldwide giveaway, so we will post ANYWHERE in the world.  


1ST PLACE - three items from category 1, four items from category 2, two items from category 3, and five items from category 4.

2ND PLACE - one item from category 1, two items from category 2, one item from category 3, and two items from category 4. 

3RD PLACE - one item from category 2, one item from category 3, and three items from category 4.


Category 1: Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift perfume (50mL/1.7 Oz), Taylor Swift RED album blanket, Signed copy of Red by Taylor Swift (including unsigned booklet), and The Red Tour tote bag. 

Category 2: RED by Taylor Swift drawstring bag, Fearless Tour book, Speak Now World Tour book, The Red Tour book, Taylor Swift 2014 full-sized calendar, Speak Now World Tour green t-shirt, and iPhone 4/4s Taylor Swift cover.

Category 3: Taylor Swift perch poster, Taylor Swift Red album cover poster, Taylor Swift 2014 mini calendar, and Taylor Swift Red photo-shoot 6x4 photo. 

Category 4: Taylor Swift Fearless photo-shoot 6x4 photo, 2 x RED bracelets (red), RED bracelet (grey), Speak Now bracelet, Taylor Swift Keds Magnet, Taylor Swift amplifier, The RED Tour lanyard, Taylor Swift guitar picks, and Taylor Swift light stick. 

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Taylor Swift makes surprise visit to Hasbro Children’s Hospital (x)

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Sweetest person I’ve ever met. Thank you for everything especially for visiting my cousin Sophia in this difficult time. @taylorswift 💗💗 (x)

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Taylor with a fan at the Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Rhode Island 03/31/14 (x)

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Taylor with a fan at the hospital today 03/31/14 (x)

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GUYS! I’m making a new giveaway!!!


Prizes are: Enchanted Wonderstruck Box Set & All Three Tour Books Pack!

There will be two winners!

One will get the Echanted Box and the other one, the Tour Books*!

Here’s the giveaway link, it starts march 21 at 12am BRT.


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The Thirteen Project.


So I have an idea. I’m going to make a present for Taylor, and I need your help.

What is the first thing you think of when you realise that Taylor has bad days? Days where she feels sad, hurt, destroyed, angry, broken, or horrible. I know for me, and for many other…

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"I would love to continue in music, with writing… but I am not the kind of person who will hang around if I start to become irrelevant. If that happens, I will bow down gracefully, raise my kids, and have a garden. And I am going to let my hair go gray when I am older. I don’t need to be blonde when I’m 60!"

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